Bali dogs are considered to be one of the oldest and most genetically diverse breeds in the world; their unique genetic structure makes Bali dogs highly valuable to international science. Bali is home to two indigenous dogs (the common Bali dog and the highland Kintamani), which have coexisted for thousands of years with the Balinese.

The Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), T Galleria Bali and DFS Bali Airport raised much needed donations for Bali’s animals in celebration of the 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year: “Year of the Dog.” These donations have purchased lifesaving vaccines and medicine to support Bali’s animals, specifically Bali dogs. The donations also support BAWA’s sterilization program and free ambulance, which operates 7 days a week throughout the
island. Healthy, vaccinated dogs allow for safe communities and tourists. The collaboration between BAWA, T Galleria Bali and DFS Bali Airport helped raise the awareness of Bali dogs. Bali dogs are loyal, smart, independent, and highly intelligent. Bali dogs have a unique role in Balinese culture and religion; they are protectors and thought to bring good luck. Ac- cording to many Balinese, Bali dogs have distinct barks, depending on who is approaching: friends, snakes or even spirits. Today, the pure Bali dog is threatened by extinction.

BAWA thanks T Galleria Bali and DFS Bali Airport for their commitment to Bali’s animals in need, especially the highly unique and valuable Bali dog. To learn more about Bali dogs and BAWA’s programs, please visit:

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