Jeroen van Overbeek

To live on this beautiful island and enjoy is one thing, but to give back is something not a lot of people do. Jeroen van Overbeek (45) came to Bali little over a year ago and decided to stay. Not just to lay on beautiful beaches and catch a tan, but to try to give back to the Balinese people and community.

He started a company called Social ImpaKt whose mission is to get clean water to all the villages on the island. He is promoting water filters as an affordable technology that brings healthy and safe drinking water to everyone.

“After having worked 20 years in the corporate world in Europe and Asia, I wanted to start my own company—a social enterprise to give back to the communities,” says Jeroen.

“The water filters I promote in the villages of East Bali use technology that provides clean and safe drinking water. The filter candle is made of ceramic with very small holes (0.4 micron), so bacteria can’t go through, as they are too big. Inside the filter you find activated carbon which stops all chemicals, pesticides and gives a neutral taste to the filtered water. You can filter tap water, rain water, well water and also water from the river with this filter. You don’t need to boil the filtered water, so people can save money on gas and it is also better for health. It is much cheaper to us the filter than branded water gallons, and better for the environment. The use of the filter reduces the use of plastic bottles and CO2 emissions.”

Still, a big part of his work is to collaborate with NGOs that provide funds to offer free water filters to the underprivileged communities in the villages of Bali. “I am just about to launch a campaign targeted at the expatriate community,” Jeroen explains, “buy two water filters, one for you and one that you will donate to a local family. The donated filters will be distributed to the local families through a local NGO based in Ubud, Fair Future Foundation which provides free medical care in the villages of Bali. I am very proud to launch this campaign in partnership with Fair Future Foundation, as it is for a good cause, providing safe drinking water and free medical care.”


Jeroen’s vision is that everyone, everywhere on Bali has access to safe and affordable water within their house. He only wants to give back to Balinese people who have been nothing but kind to him. “I have been visiting many families in the villages and all the people here give you a heartwarming welcome. You feel like being part of their family. On top of that, ceremonial life gives a fantastic colorful touch to this island.”

If you want to be part of this amazing program, help Balinese and drink safe and clean water, you can find all the information on

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