Ceremonies–where to go and when

Batukaru Temple, 8 September

Batukaru Temple celebrates its biannual piodalan temple anniversary. Piodalan  is a Hindu ceremony in Bali to mark the anni- versary of a temple. It is held once a year in the Balinese calendar to express gratitude to God and wishing for the world’s peace and welfare.
In Batukaru it coincides each Thursday after the Galungan celebrations. Pilgrims from the adjacent  villages  in  Wangaya Gede and  all over the island flock to this mountain temple for prayers.

Bali Pocket 010 - August 2016_page47_image89Sakenan Temple, 17 September

Kuningan Day roughly takes place ten days after the Galungan celebrations. Offerings and prayers are happening at temples and shrines before noon. One of the island’s very well known temples is Sakenan on Serangan Island. It coincidentally celebrates its pioda- lan anniversary around the day of Kuningan with a series of festivities that include sacred dances, and pilgrims come to visit during three-day celebrations.

Bali Pocket 010 - August 2016_page47_image87Munggu Village, 17 September

Mekotekan Rituals are old traditions that coincide with the day of Kuningan and where the whole population of male villagers of Munggu joins in brandishing long stiff bamboo poles onto the streets. Over a thousand participants and curious onlookers gather on the village streets, reenacting the successful battles of the Blambangan war. Each of the pole ends is combined in mid-air forming a dynamic pyramid where opponents climb.

Tanah Lot Temple, 21 September

One of the most famous sea temples on the island celebrates its biannual ‘piodalan’ temple anniversary, which coincides every Wednesday on a Langkir cycle on the Balinese 210-day Pawukon calendar. Pilgrims from over the island will gather around temple for prayers, providing a unique sight on this sacred offshore sanctuary.
Although you cannot enter the temple grounds, the panoramic views and cultural offerings are an amazing site to see.

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