5 things to do in Ubud, nobody is talking about!

From unique yoga retreats, raw food experiences to learning a new art–this little town in the middle of Bali will spoil you with choices! It promises fun and the sun and offers something for everyone, no matter if you are traveling with a family, friends or alone. We give you 7 things that are not on a busy tourist map but still promise to give you an amazing experience. Get ready to be entertained!

Bird Invasion

With every sunset, thousands of herons from all over Bali fly to the village of Petulu, creating a beautiful vision of white for those who are there to witness it. The birds are believed to be the guardians that watch over the villagers and protect them from harm. The best place to watch is south of the village and there is a sign “the best place to see the herons”.

Address: Jl. Petulu, Petulu, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

bali-pocket-011-october-2016_page92_image78Waterfall Adventure

Among all the refreshing retreats in Bali, Tegenungan waterfall is one of the most amazing. The rich green surroundings and perfectly flowing fresh water is perfect for dip- ping during those hot tropical days. If you are adventurous enough, you can even jump from 15 meters high cliff into the waterfall – but better leave it to the professionals!

Address: Tegenungan Waterfall; drive from central Ubud to the Petanu River of Tegenungan village, Gianyar.

bali-pocket-011-october-2016_page92_image80Eco Tour

Although all the villages in Bali are green with tropical vegetation, there is one that is special / The green Village. It was designed in 2006 by jewelry designer John Hardy and later finished by his daughter. It resulted in luxury bamboo homes all seamlessly integrated into the Ayung Valley nature.

You can take a tour around the village to learn about this eco project, visit a bamboo factory and see how they craft it into furniture and building material. About If you would like to find out more gardening stop by the Kul Kul farm to experience the art of permaculture and sustainable farming. And if you are mesmerized by what the village has to offer, you can always stay at one of the beautiful houses.

Address: Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal
Morning Tour 10:00am
Afternoon Tour 12:30pm

Becoming a farmer

If you would like to show your kids what goes behind each grain of rice, transform them into a rice farmer for a day. In Ubud surroundings there are many places where you can sign up for the complete rice farmer experience, from a scenic meal amongst rice paddies, planting seeds to transplanting little shoots. After your hard work, you’ll even get to try out the traditional Balinese bathing ritual and lay back for a soothing massage.

Where: just ask at your accommodation to give you a recommendation

Romantic Walk

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is a romantic short trek that will take you through rice fields, past Indonesian huts and beautifully designed villas. It is best to get an early start, before the sunrise. Wear a hat and stay hydrated so you can keep up with the butter- flies that will accompany you along the way.

Where: when you come to the Campuhan bridge, take the pathway on the right that leads towards Gunung Lebah Temple and continue till you see a paved road – this is where your romantic walk is starting.■

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