5 Selfie Hotspots in Ubud

Incredible landscapes, colourful culture, stunning bamboo architecture, breathtaking paint- ings, jungle; Ubud is a photographer’s dream. And if you want to find yourself in the forests, temples and in the middle of the rice fields we give you 5 fantastic spots for you and your selfie stick! Pack your camera or just take a smart phone and let everybody know that you are having a fabulous time.

Monkey Forest
One of the most popular areas for animal photography is the Monkey Forest in the middle of Ubud. It is also the home for a group long-tailed macaques that can be very noisy and not by far shy. So hold on to your belong- ings and make a funny selfie with a monkey on your shoulder.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces
They offer a perfect Bali photo opportunity with its dramatic views. This ancient valley has a timeless quality whether there are tourists there or not. Position yourself in the foot of the rice slopes to get the better view and take a beautiful selfie.

Ubud Market
Unlike the peaceful life in the rice paddies, the craft markets lining the central streets are alive with sights, smells and lots of traffic! Capture the bright colours of Ubud’s finest silks and take a selfie as you as you bargain with local tradesmen.

Saraswati Temple
This picturesque temple is located right in the heart of Ubud and honours Saraswati – the Goddess of knowledge, literature and art. just before the entrance to the temple, there is a breathtaking water garden with thousands and thousands of lots flowers which means you will have a perfect photo opportunity.

Strike a pose
Ubud is the spiritual capital of Bali and is the ideal place for yoga. You will find yoga studios everywhere and the yoga teachers will help you to get your lotus position just right. When you are balanced enough try to take a photo for your friends to see how you progress.■

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