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Traveling with Balis Public Transport

Getting around Bali is a hassle but there are public transport options

By Sahiri

We all love Bali. We make plans every year to visit the beaches and to gawk at the magnificent verdant view of rice paddy fields. But… how do you get around, exactly?

Eventually, the casual tourist and the expats soon learned that the only practical options are renting a car or, even better, a motorcycle to get anywhere faster. If you can’t drive a motorcycle before then Bali is the perfect place to learn. But, actually, for those who prefer not to brace the traffic there are other options. The online motorcycle taxi Gojek and Grab is now available to take you around the south of Bali, and the farthest is to Ubud. (Though you can’t order one from Ubud due to the notoriously malicious local taxi drivers.)

And what about the public transport? Similar to the Transjakarta busway in Jakarta, Bali has the Trans Sarbagita, the big buses that serves two main routes (with feeder buses accommodating smaller roads) with only IDR3500 per trip. Route I start from Denpasar City to Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Uluwatu; while route II traverses from Batubulan terminal to Bali Tourism & Development (BTDC) Corporation area in Nusa Dua.

Another option is the privately-owned Kura-Kura Bus with 5 Lines that travels around the touristy spots. Ticket price varies depending on distance, and they offer Single Trip (from 20k) and Day Pass tickets, the latter certainly more convenient and cheaper if you have a long itinerary. So, which transport would you prefer?

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