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SKATEBOARDING — perfect fun and a great lifestyle

Bali is a perfect holiday destination because there is something for everyone. You can go trekking, surfing and climb the volcanos or you can dance the night away in clubs as well as watch the traditional dance performances in ancient temples.

But the latest craze on the island is skate- boarding! There are new skate board venues popping up every month and they are hugely popular. Just take Pretty Poison for example. It is stationed in Canggu and also an address for underground music and tattoo artists, as well as for same crazy skate moves. And it became popular in just over a year. Hundreds of skateboarders, performance, and visual artists and musicians hang around the place each night. There is also a bar dar, dance floor, resident DJs and live bands, in- die movie screenings, regular exhibitions by young local artists and a tattoo salon. Skate- boarding is a way of life in Bali and there is a vibrant underground skateboard culture where locals mix with expat kids and curious tourists.

Near Balangan beach in the south, new skate pool just opened a month ago. Balangan Surf Skate Bowl soon became a place where you can learn how to skate or show some serious moves. There is also a new place near Bera- wa Beach – Berawa Bowl Bali. Small concrete bowl with pool was built together with a bar and a coffee. You can skate in The Amplitude – a large skate area in Kerobokan with a fun pump track and skate bowl. The area is filled with rails and obstacles for all levels and spreads over an area of 2000 square meters. You can also ride on your board at Deus Ex Machina in Canggu and it has a mini ramp that suits everyone’s style.

There is also ESS Bali, Base Skatepark, Neg- ara and Donkey skateparks, Motion Indoor, Globe Bali. Skateboarding is also the personal challenge of overcoming fears. But the pure joy and fun of doing it is just catchy! So come aboard everyone!■

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