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Mesmerizing diving sites

If you want to immerse into big blue and experience coral ridges, deep drop-offs and steep banks, one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world, volcanic outcrops, and seagrass beds you are at the right place. Bali has colorful and diverse marine life and many diving points that will surprise you and show you wonderful beauty of marine life.

Did you know that to the east of the island lies the Lombok Strait which is very special? Well through this channel flows the greatest volume of tidal water on planet Earth. That means regular visits from huge and unusual fish like the incredible mola mola or sunfish. The strong currents can also clear the water and create fantastic visibility for divers.

Those who have experience in diving will enjoy the challenge of the strong currents around Nusa Penida. Beginners can safely dive around Amed and Padang Bai, and photographers will be excited about the muck diving sites of Tulamben. Do you want to jump with the big ones? You can do it near Nusa Penida where sharks, tunas, and rays are waiting for you. If you want to see something incredible, there is Manta Point where those magical creatures are flying through the ocean.

Crystal Bay offers a diverse sea life and the best visibility in Bali and at Candidasa, you can enter a rocky spot with a shark cave. There is something for everyone, and it will mesmerize you so much you will keep coming back for more.■

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