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Magic of Drums and Yoga

Drumming and Yoga in a way form a natural partnership. The vibrating resonance of the drum seems to get the practitioner deeper into the practice. The drummer moves energy into space while the yogini moves energy through the body.

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image127Drummers often comment on how the act of drumming keeps them in the here and now, creating the connection with spirit. Yoga breathing, asana (postures) and flow are about movement and staying in the present moment. Deep breathing helps the practitioner move into asanas while staying present. Yoga can help the individual move to a place of greater inner awareness and peace. The vibration of drumming brings our minds out of the wearisome and moves it into a place where time doesn’t exist. The body that vibrates with the beat of the drum is then able to leave behind nervousness and angst of everyday life.

Drumming and Yoga connect body, mind and spirit. Both are healing to the inner parts of our beings. Music is a big part of the conscious movement and Yoga. It helps coordinate muscles, heart, and breath. Live music through drumming and percussion makes the entire experience of yoga pleasurable and deep.

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image126Yoga students and teachers usually love live music in the class. Drumming unlocks something special tapping into the inner spirit of the class. Yoga and drumming are partnered through breathing, heart beat and intention. Some people feel that drumming helps them go deeper into their poses, holding them in a more stable way. Some say they are more invigorated at the end of class. Others say that the drum helps them stay focused and relaxed erasing all extraneous thoughts. Drumming touches the mind, body and spirit through rhythm. Yoga and drumming together may provide a physical and emotional release.

If you never tried the yoga class with drums, then Bali will surprise you with the variety of choices, especially Ubud. And if you want to bring home something special to connect you with music, movement and space, yoga drum can be a perfect souvenir. And a means to healthier and happier habits when you come back home.

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