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Ooh yes! It is that time of the year again. Winds change in May making perfect waves, so it is time to get to
some favorite surf spots on the island. Al- though Bali is known as the only place in the world where you can surf all year long, some places ae more fav among surfers and the real surf season is starting now.

With over 60 different breaks to choose from, all varying in difficulty level, Bali has some of the best surf spots that are available all year round and we give you top ten in a three peace guide!

This one is not for the beginners! The breaks in Uluwatu are very technical and advanced. To reach the reef, you must paddle through the Uluwatu cave which can have very strong currents. As this spot is quite popular, it can also be quite crowded. Don’t worry as there are five different swells to choose – The Race- track, The Peak, Temples, Outside Corner and the Bombie. Once you catch a wave you will have a breathtaking view at the ancient Hindu shrine in the stunning Uluwatu temple.

This beautiful sand beach offers fun left handers that are perfect for intermediate surfers. Although located not too far away from Kuta, you can still find some peace of mind in this place. Although the beach looks peaceful and harmless, there is a sharp coral reef which is why surfers here are often recommended to use booties. The sand beach stretches for 200 meters making it an idyllic location to relax and spend the day.

Padang Padang
Home to the yearly Rip Curl Cup in August, Padang Padang is known for its long tube rides, as well as it’s sharp reef bottoms. Known as the Balinese Pipeline, this surf spot is definitely not for beginners when the waves are big. It has a challenging left-hand wave that can range from about 1.5 to 3.5 meters. The reef here can get pretty sharp as well so booties might be a good option. There is, however, a gentle beach break on the right side which can accommodate be- ginners. Padang Padang is located between Bingin and Uluwatu and is a popular spot for surfers-making it a little bit crowded at times.■

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