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Let’s Surf! Part 2

June is a pretty amazing month for surfing. Yes, yes, yes, we know it is pretty awesome to surf here all year long, but winds at this point are perfect in the south of the island, making Bukit one of the most desirable spots. Check the best website for riding waves at www.magicseaweed.com for high and low tides and join the ride!

North from Uluwatu is the secluded surfers’ paradise of Suluban. Also known as “Blue Point”, it is unique because it has a beautiful narrow beach where many people come to sunbathe and swim. But getting to the beach is an ad- venture because of the steep staircases and rocky openings that require you to bend down to get to the beach. Suluban in Balinese means to ‘crouch under’ – so you know that you will have some trouble get- ting down. First, you will have to conquer the narrow path down the cave, then out onto the sand. But the surfers will find long and powerful swells as well as consistent barrels.

This famous spot is located between Bingin and Padang Padang beach and features a long reef. Its nickname implies that it was once an intimidating break, urging experienced surfers to conquer its waves. Impossibles has three takeoff peaks, the first of which is accessible via Padang Padang. The two others are accessible from the spot’s midsection. You will experience powerful swells with consistent barrels and the waves are two to five feet in average. But this is not only the surf spot but also one of the most amazing views in the south.

One of the best-kept secrets is this beach just ten minutes drive from Uluwatu. It is not just a beach and a surf spot, but also a Bingin community with the chilled vibe. The waves are not as big as Uluwatu’s, but being on the same south-western side of the Bukit peninsula, it shares the same hazardous reef. Bingin’s barrels are consistent but shorter. Tides also play a factor here, so it is good to keep your tide charts handy or ask around some local surfers who know the playgrounds well.■

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