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Let’s get buggy with it!

The best thing about Bali is the feeling of freedom. Whether you walk on the beach, feel the wind in your hair while on a motorbike or having super fun driving a buggy.

Renting a buggy or a quad is an attractive adventure activity where you can explore tra- ditional villages and amazing nature of Bali. You will feel the sensation of off-road driving and at the same time catch the comfort of easy manoeuvring behind the steering wheel of a light, yet powerful 250cc machine. The difference between quad and buggy is that quad bike is a motorbike with four wheels with a bike handlebar for steering, accelerating and braking. The sitting position is rather upright and there is no roll-over cage.

Buggy is a car-like a vehicle with a high horse- power to weight ratio, strong suspension, with a steering wheel, pedals and a roll-over cage, while the sitting position is rather flat. The rides are for those who seek adventure and some spice in their holidays.You will experience spectacular views of green rice fields as well as challenges of crossing rivers and streams with all kinds of terrains through authentic parts of Bali. But don’t worry – the buggies are user-friendly and easy to handle it doesn’t matter if you have ever driven a quad bike or a buggy before.■

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