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Hidden Canyon at Beji Guwang

An island of paradise, Bali is well known for its beautiful seas and beaches. But there’s always something different to experience while exploring the island. Hidden on an area where the river is squeezed in between two magnificent cliffs, Beji Guwang is located near the Temple of Guwang in Sukawati, Gianyar, which is only around 30 minutes from Denpasar.

To get there, visitors must walk and climb up the steps about 700 meters high. The cliffs themselves are around 30 meters high. Sit on the flat of the canyon rocks and dangle your feet while admiring the view—or get a little crazy and see how much deeper you can go into the canyon. Be ultra careful as you will have to pass several rivers with a sticky muddy floor, and you might also have to climb some big slippery rocks.

No proper access of pathways are currently available, hence this area is still very natural with a lot greens on its surrounding. The colours around make for an amazing visual feast too. As this area is considered sacred—its located in a temple complex, visitors are requested to be polite and well-mannered, while also dress appropriately.

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