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Guided Art Tours Around Bali

Even though Bali is celebrated tourist destination known for its luscious tropical landscapes and warm hospitality, Balinese culture and art are unique gems that deserve the traveler’s undivided attention. Despite the continuing influx of westernization, Bali’s traditional way of life persists and is deeply interwoven with art, through dance, painting, musical performance and the architecture of the island’s many temples and traditional houses.

On this island art is a sacred form of worship; the artist performs a sort of meditation or trance while engaging in art, connecting the unseen world of the gods with the everyday world of humans during the process. Children start to learn about arts at a very early stage and remain keen to continue living their unique traditions.

Now you can experience it all in the first expert guided art tour called Artpreciation. It is a program about discovering the best of Balinese art. This expertly guided journey to knowledge includes talks by art experts, visits to galleries and museums, and exclusive access to the marvelous studios of prominent artists from the “Island of the Gods” itself.

Two combinations are available: the first one for those with a thirst for knowledge of Balinese art’s history combines a visit to the museum and an artist studio, including transportation and lunch. The second option is for those seeking to collect Balinese art in which Artpreciation provides expert lectures for collecting Balinese art and access to valuable collections, lunch and visit to artist studio. For more information and to book your tour go to page www.artpreciation.co.id or email artpreciation@phonix.co.id.

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