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Guide to best beaches in Bali

There are so many amazing beaches in Bali that sometimes it is hard what to choose and where to go. Each one of them has their story and special vibe. In the last issue, we presented Balangan Beach, Padangbai, Suluban and Karma Beach as well as Green Bowl. In the second part of our guide through some of the best beaches of Bali, we give you five more beautiful places to rest your body and soul.

Karangasem, east Bali

This fishermen’s village is a famous dive spot. It has the quiet shores with dramatic sunrises that are a not-to-miss sight if you’re staying here. Soon after its beautiful underwater trove was unveiled, with a historical shipwreck adding to its natural features, Amed Beach became a favourite among divers, particularly Jemeluk Bay. Various dive operators have set up base here, and several run accommo- dation businesses of all style and sizes, from simple homestays to luxury villas, also with restaurants serving some yummy meals.

Sundays Beach

Ungasan, south Bali

124This is a private beach and only access is via a funicular, a two-minute descent between two hillsides that you embark a few steps from the resort’s main pool and lobby. As you step into the cabin, the beach club’s thatched roofs look like tiny pyramids below the valley’s greenery from this vantage point. The rule here is ‘first-come, first served’, which also applies for the parasols and sun loungers. It is best to come earlier to guaran- tee one of the coveted spots at the front. Fur- ther to the east is Sunday Beach Club’s mini- lawn platform where you will find the best combination of shade and open views.The 165m stretch of sand is walled between rock faces on each side and is well supervised.

Pasir Putih Beach
East Bali

125This beach east Of Candidasa in east Bali is one of the island’s ‘hidden’ beaches. Despite its remote location, this beach gained popularity being referred to by various nicknames, such as Perasi Beach referring to its village where it is located, including ‘White Sand Beach’, ‘Virgin Beach’ and simply, ‘Hidden Beach’. The secluded coast of Pasir Putih Beach stretches between two hills between the villages of Bugbug and Perasi, both lo- cated in the Karangasem regency and ap- proximately 4.5km east of Candidasa. You can enjoy various water activities, such as swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing, or simply indulge in various dishes served with excellent views. Pasir Putih Beach is cradled between the hills and behind the greenery. While the beach can be enjoyed at any time of the day, most of the cafes, especially those that serve grilled seafood, only open near sunset time.

Dream Beach
Nusa Lembongan, south-east Bali

126Nusa Lembongan is an island destination and you will have to take a boat to get there from Bali mainland’s Benoa Harbour or Sa- nur coast. The small and beautiful island is dotted with several sandy bays that add fur- ther seclusion to your escape. Dream Beach is located on the southern shores of Lembon- gan and features fine white sand, behind a row of palms and thorny shrubs.

Padang Padang
Uluwatu, Jimbaran, south Bali

127This is one of Bali’s most famous surf spots, located on the north-western coast of the island’s Bukit Peninsula. This beach features an exotic setting; a simply stunning one hundred meter-long stretch of sand that is accessible down a flight of stairs through a unique hollow rock entrance. It has beauti- ful turquoise colour and an easy access with no rocks, so it is perfect for swimming. The surf has a steady set of barrels during good weather, attracting wave riders from around the world. This beach is also a regular spot for international surfing events, the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang being the most frequent.■

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