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Bali has fine collection of beaches and if you already heard about Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua that is just the tip of the iceberg! With our guide to some of the best beaches, that are sometimes not so easy to find, you can discover some of the island’s lesser-known coastal gems. Whether you are looking for isolated stretches of soft, white sand, secret coves or black sand beaches that point to Bali’s volcanic past, there is surely a secret beach for everyone in Bali. We will try to show you some of the best in this two part guide. Enjoy exploring!

Padangbai and Blue Lagoon
> Karangasem, East Bali
Padangbai is better known as the main sea- port in east Bali, but it also has a small collection of hidden beaches that are great for day trippers, as well as diving and snorkelling. Blue Lagoon, a small bay northeast of the seaport has only a 60 meters stretch of white sand. Another is Bias Tugel, a 130 meters long strip southwest of the port, with calm and blue waters most times of the year. Here you can relax on the even sand or under shades of parasols with beach loungers. The beach that shares the bay with the seaport is not so busy, especially on its eastern end, and you can also enjoy fairly good swimming.

> Pecatu, Jimbaran
Bali Pocket 015 February_page88_image113One of the best surf spots on the island, Balangan is on the northern side of the cliff that forms the signature hole 15 of the New Kuta Golf course. Several beach shacks serve simple local ‘surfer meals’, cold refreshments and beer. Accessing Balangan is easy, com- pared to other beaches along the Bukit pen- insula’s shoreline.
The golden stretch of sand meets the vast blue ocean, and you can see from afar the surfers having fun in the breaks. Those into photography will love to linger on for the dra- matic sunsets from above. It is swimmable here, but bear in mind it’s a predominantly a surfer’s playground. There are no lifeguards on duty. …

Suluban Beach
> Uluwatu
Bali Pocket 015 February_page88_image115One of Bali’s most unique beaches, con- cealed by natural limestone formations and accessed via steps and log ramps through narrow gaps in the rock. Canopied by a loom- ing cliff face, this small beach may not be ide- al for sunbathers, but serves pro surfers well as a base to paddle out and ride adjacent reef breaks, including around Uluwatu, just to the south. Also nicknamed ‘Blue Point’, Suluban’s access is narrow and steep down crags and rocky steps. When you arrive at the sand, the view is truly rewarding. The best time is during low tide, which reveals more spaces and accessible sandy paths, together with tide pools which you and your friends can have a pleasurable soak in.

Karma Beach
> Ungasan, South Bali
Bali Pocket 015 February_page88_image114This private beach is accessed by a funicular ride down a sheer cliff where a stretch of clean white sand and blue sea awaits. Karma Beach features a laid-back tropical beach setting and five-star services for guests who wish to sip signature cocktails and indulge in a Mediterranean-inspired menu of selections prepared from a kitchen housed under a raised bamboo structure. You’ll have to pay an entrance fee here that is set against the price of food and drinks to enjoy this paradise beach.

Green Bowl
> Ungasan, South Bali
This hidden gem on the southern coast of Bali continues to appeal to lovers of quiet and exotic shores. This beach deserves to be in the ‘hidden’ category due to its access – a descent of hundreds of concrete steps down the cliff face. At the base are several bat caves. There are variations in the origin of the name, one inspired by the view of green sea- weed and corals exposed at low tide, another owing from the name of the company slated to develop a resort there. Getting down is easy. Going back upstairs is a challenge… But amazing for you leg muscles!■

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