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Ghost Hunting in Bali

Sounds intriguing, right?

There are hidden places all over the island that are long abandoned. Resorts, planes, and parks that became a legend and some believe they are more than just crumbling ruins. But these lo- cations in Bali are the perfect desti- nations for the curious tourists. So let’s begin the adventure and take
a peek!

Abandoned planes

Planes – huge ones – seem to be all over Bali. There is one wedged between houses in Kuta. If you stop by at the traffic light at the junction of Jalan Raya Semer-Kerobokan, you will see a plane head on the top of a glass-walled store, just behind the police station. Nobody knows the story behind it and the and doors are locked windows are black. Another one is on Bukit, near the idyllic Pandawa beach.

It is located in a limestone valley on a side of the street, concealed be- hind barriers as if it had some work- in-progress project inside. It is not visible from the street, but several containewr boxes scattering on the street’s side might show you the clue of the location. There is also a third plane at the traffic light at the junction of Jalan Raya Semer-Kerobokan. That plane used to be a special exterior of a rooftop bar above a shopping mall named The Gate 88, but it is abandoned now.

Wekk worth exploring!

Hidden underwater temple The underwater temple lodged in the murky waters off the coastal village of Pemuteran is a Hindu tem- ple was constructed by an Australian Chris Brown in 2005 as part of an environmental conservation project.And in the years since, oceanic wildlife has taken over the location, adding a sense of foreboding beauty to the place. With the poor visibility in the area and the eeriness of this underwater site, even local divers think twice about venturing there if there are too few people in a group. Are you brave enough to make this dive into the unknown? Abandoned temple in Karangasem perched on a hill and surrounded by dense greenery in the village of Tista, this temple is a mystery that no one has been able to solve. With statues and stairways almost complete- ly covered with moss and cobwebs, the tem- ple has lay forgotten for decades. Nobody knows the exact name of this once-sacred place. It looks like a perfect scenery for a mystery movie.■

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