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Dolphin Spotting in Bali

Dolphins are extraordinarily intelligent animals who also display culture, something which was long believed to
be unique to humans. They are very social and living in groups that hunt and play to- gether. They can jump as high as six meters out of the water, and it is a magnificent sight. You can  see  their  playful  act  on  the  north part of Bali in dolphin spotting since they are swimming very close to the shore. Usually, you can spot them near Lovina Beach, at Ser- agan, and near Benoa Harbour.

And since dolphins wait for nobody, you should start early to see them. Many agen- cies offer to take you dolphin spotting; it is up to you to choose a speed boat or a local fisherman’s wooden boat for your ride. When you arrive in the area where dolphins gath- er, guides will take you to the best places possible to see these magnificent marine creatures. But try not to touch the dolphins since they live in the wild, and they are very precious and not to be harmed. Best thing is that you can see these divine marine crea- tures through out the year in Bali!■

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