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Cycling as the beautiful way to see Bali


If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of tourist areas, cycling is a perfect solution, suitable for all ages and ideal for the families. There are many tours around rural Bali, and usually, they will pick you up at your accommodation and bring you back in the evening. Cycling is maybe the best way to see “the real Bali”, take it slowly and learn about Balinese culture on the site. You can start by visiting Kintamani area, overlooking volcano Mt. Batur and its lake with a breathtaking view.

Take your mountain bikes through the heart of Bali, riding on secret back roads and little village passages, experiencing typical Balinese daily life and enjoying the beautiful Balinese countryside. Take a deep breath away from traffic and get lost in the sweet smell of plantations of cloves, cocoa, vanilla and exotic tropical fruits. Enjoy the green views of rice pad- dies and smile back to Balinese children who will greet you along the way.

If you take a guided tour they will take you to a Balinese home and show you how locals live outside touristic areas; you will be able to visit the plantation and learn about medicinal and cultural uses of local plants, the process of making coffee and see spices used in local cuisine. One day will be too short for this beautiful sense of freedom!■

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