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Coffe hopping — perfect activity for a rainy day

December is not really a perfect sunny month here on the island of Gods. But while it may be cloudy that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring! There is one amazing activity that you can engage into white hanging around — coffe hopping!

There are so many brilliant western run cafes in Bali. Some serving great coffee, healthy foods or the latest craze — smoothie bowls. One can easily spend a day hopping from one cafe to another, with a book or a laptop to wait for the rain out. When coffee hopping, one buys a small coffee and pastry, spends some time in a coffee house, then moves on to another coffee shop to pass the time.

Bali is absolutely bursting at the seams with its steady stream of hipster cafes flooding its quaint streets and secluded alleys. From rustic coffee houses to bakery parlors — Bali has got it all. Whether you are looking for a comfy nook to snuggle up in a minimalistic vintage cranny to pass your time away with a good book, the kaleidoscope of cafes will cater to all your desires.

Coffe hopping also doesn’t just mean to drink coffee!! Because in Bali healthy choices areso vast, you may also want to try something like acai superfood smoothie bowl or almond & poached pear bircher muesli. So grab a good book or a Kindle and settle in — with the intoxicating atmosphere and alluring interior, you will be spending a lot of time in some of the best cafes in town. Our tip? Head over to Canggu and get swiped away by choices!■

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