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Best workshops for rainy days

When it is raining, like in January in Bali, it is best to get occupied with things you can also learn from. Workshops in Bali are among the best tourist attractions of the island and there are so many you will have a hard time to pick just one. So if you seek an activity or a new knowledge, check these fun activities we gathered for you:

Beauty workshops
Learn how to use nature for an enhanced beauty treatment. Learn about different plants and herbs which can be used in cosmetics. Make your own products using ingredients from the garden. Learn about the secrets of amazing massage techniques. Also get to know the substitutes of Balinese herbs, so that you can get the same results using natural products available in your own country.
Location: Cantika Zest

Perfume workshop
Bali offers you the opportunity to create fragrances as well. Learn about the procedure to make unique personalized perfume with the finest essences of Indonesia. Perfume making is one special thing you can do here in Bali. With natural aromatic products like coffee, amazing spices and flowers you can mix your own personal scent and be mysterious, romantic, sensual or dynamic.

 L’atelier Parfums & Creations
The Ayana Resort and Spa in Jimbaran
New Ritz Carlton in Nusa Dua

Mask Carving Workshop
Masks are an integral part of Balinese culture. The island is a mix of Hindu and Buddhist religion. Balinese masks are internationally famous. They are used to represent gods and demons and in the traditional dance form of Topeng Bali. The masks are also used to signify personalities, various moods, feelings, weaknesses, and strengths. Let the skilfull expert introduce you to the art of carving masks. Masks are created of wood, mud, ceramics and other natural materials.

 WS Art Studio in Ubud Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud Astina Gallery in Mas Village

Balinese Dance Workshop
Every visitor in Bali must take up the opportunity to watch one or more of the many traditional Balinese dances. There are performances organized almost every evening on the island. Dance and music are a way of life in Bali and has been so for centuries. Balinese dancers begin to learn the skill as young children, and most professional dancers retire when they marry. Participate in a Balinese Dance workshop learn about the history, traditions, technique and the dance form.
 Mekar Bhuana Gamelan Music and Dance ARMA and Puri Lukisan■

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