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Best Workshop in Ubud

Cooking classes are super popular on the island of Gods and for a good reason! Most half-day courses include free pick-up from Ubud area and a trip to the local farms and/or markets before you are guided through an interactive experience on how to prepare mouthwatering Balinese classics. And of course, you get to eat whatever you have cooked during the lessons. Yummy!

Homemade beauty products
You can have your own organic cosmetics made by yourself in one of the beauty workshops in Ubud. Get a tour of the gar- den, pick out herbs needed for beauty products and get started! You will learn how to make a face cream, scrub and beauty masks, and be a pro in just a few hours.

Don’t miss your opportunity while you are in Bali to experience Balinese massage and learn something about it. Traditional Balinese massage is meant to relax you and it has been practiced from ancient times. It has soft and long strokes and you will learn the most effective, comfortable massage stance and posture, as well as the basic anatomy.

Silver making
While in Bali and especially Ubud, you will see beautiful silver jewelry with a unique design. It has been Balinese craft for hundreds of years, and they offer to teach you part of their magic. • You can learn Balinese silver crafting techniques, decide on your own design and create your own jewelry.

Batik painting
Batik is the “wearable art” for the average Indonesian. Vibrant designs are applied to fabrics from expensive, textured silk sarongs bearing the traditional motifs to casual day wear featuring pop-art style. Learn about traditional Balinese batik along with skilled teachers that will guide you in your new batik creation to take home with you.

Mask carving
This fun and artistic workshop will give you the opportunity to carve your own wood mask and to understand the tradition of masks in the Hindu religion. An expert carver will explain you the traditional skills and guide you to make your own beautiful piece.

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