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Become a Superhero with the SuperHero Factory

The SuperHero Factory is a parkour inspired gym and playground just off of Nakula street, Seminyak. Open days a week and have a great number of memberships, it’s perfect for those who are bored of or want an alternative to a regular gym.

The SHF specialize in group bookings for kids and teens as well as motivational team-building workshops for adults and corporates. So if you have kids and want them to do something positive or want an interactive way to bond with your team, here’s your answer.

Bali Pocket 003 - February 2016_page39_image99Training and exercising become much more enjoyable in SHF. You can learn to overcome any mental blocks through physical obstacles. The obstacles are designed as analogies to life’s challenges; Have you hit a wall? Do you have to take the leap? Need to climb higher? When you overcome these obstacles, your life challenges dissolve, and you can get fit along the way. Training at the SHF turns your body into natural armor—becoming much stronger, more coordinated, present and resilient to injury, no matter your age or current ability.

Bali Pocket 003 - February 2016_page39_image96It is a gym like no other. The SuperHero Factory has a 4 meters high ‘Leap of Faith’ from the upper deck down to the foam pit below; It has an inflatable flooring for safely learning rolls or acrobatics; It also has evening GloMo—glow in the dark fun jams on Friday and Saturday evening from 6pm-8:30pm. It’s unforgettable!


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