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Become a Balinese Farmer for a day by planting rice

By Nadja

While you are staying in Bali – have a real local experience and take a glimpse into the life of a Balinese family. Getting back to nature and finding out more about the life of Balinese farmer will make your visit to this island even more unforgettable.

Get a whole day in rice fields. You have to know that rice is the life- blood of Bali. It spreads throughout every aspect of Balinese culture and has for at least two thousand years. The current system of Subak Irrigation has been in use for at least thousand years. This system is much more than a simple agriculture tradition, it is a tradition that is simultaneously spiritual and communal; deeply ingrained in Balinese culture. The very social structure within Bali is infused by this ancient tradition. You could even say that rice is Bali.

So embark on an adventure and experience farmer life for one day by rice farming, in- stead of only gazing into the mesmerizing rice fields.

On the day of farming, you will wear traditional Balinese sarong and get ready to transplant sprouts in the lush green rice. Depending on the rice growing stages, you may witness plowing, rice planting or harvesting. If you dare, you are more then welcome to help farm the rice on the rice fields. After the rice field, in some workshops, you can pick vegetables like a wild fern, young jack- fruit, young papaya, cassava leaves, spinach or others from the organic garden. You will also get familiar with spices like lemongrass, turmeric, chili. After a work in the field, you will get a fresh, homemade Balinese lunch – what’s not to like!

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