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Bali Kites Festival in July

I believe I can fly…

The Bali Kite Festival is an annual feast among the Balinese because they love the art of kite making and piloting and from June until August, you can see kites flying everywhere on the island. The event is also widely anticipated by the international community as it provides rare opportunities to enjoy gigantic traditional kites that can have bombastic proportions, measuring up to four meters in width and 10 meters in length.

Built at the communal ‘banjar’ village halls all over Bali, skilled youths, supervised by elders, craft bamboo frameworks for weeks up to the major event. Huge kites usually need special escort along small Balinese roads towards the Bali Kites Festival flying grounds on Padanggalak Beach just north of Sanur. At this windy time of the year, the skies over Bali are just as elaborately decorated as any Balinese procession. Some kites are even fitted with sound instruments in the form vibrating bowls called ‘guwang’, which generate a resonating hum that can be heard from far.

Normally, dates may shift following favor- able weather conditions but the main event is happening of Bali Kite Festival is from 7th until 9th of July on Padanggalak Beach. If you can’t make it there is also Pelangi Gianyar Kite Competition from 15th till 16th July at Masceti Beach and Gianyar, Dangin Peken Dhananjaya Cup Kite Festival on 22nd and 23rd of July at Mertasari Beach in Sanur. Check out Belega Kite Competition on 29th and 30th of July also at Masceti Beach and Ungasan Kite Competition on 29th and 30th of July in Ungasan.■

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