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7 workshops in Ubud that will make you a master of a trade

In Ubud, it is easy to get in touch with your artistic side because of the numerous workshops and courses that you can choose from. It is a right place to be creative and learn something you never even knew existed.


The area around Ubud has been a center for silver craft since time immemorial. Sketch out your own design. Then cut, beat, shape, solder and polish silver into the style of your choice. Look out for the workshop at Pondok Pekak learning center.

Fruit Carving

If you’ve ever wondered how to create those elaborate fruit sculptures you see in Asian restaurants, or just want a bit of practice before turning your attentions to wood or stone, spend half a day at spend half a day at Pondok Pekak learning center, creating a masterwork out of a papaya.


Learn classical Balinese court painting, traditional Balinese art or contemporary Balinese art styles at ARMA Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum.

Basket Weaving

Elaborate baskets, both for offerings and for everyday life, are a big part of life in Bali. Learn how to make them from palm leaf, bamboo and more at Arma Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum.

Wood Carving

In traditional Balinese culture, wood carvings decorate not only temples and palaces but private homes. Arma Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum offer day classes; Pondok Pekak learning centre has half-day introductory courses.

Offering Making

Offerings crafted from bamboo, palm leaves, fruit, flowers, rice, incense and coloured dough are an essential part of Balinese Hinduism, decorating private homes and shops. Learn how to shape these beautiful items at Arma or Puri Lukisan Museum.

Kites, Puppets and Masks

Puri Lukisan offers courses in traditional Balinese crafts. Create a kite butterfly to take home, craft a traditional shadow puppet out of leather, or paint your own mask based on those used in traditional Balinese dance.■

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