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Traditional Balinese doors — instant beauty to any house

One element of Indonesian architecture that can easily be integrated into design projects with fantastic results are traditional doors. Their beautiful pro- portions, sometimes intricating carving and strong metal hardware form a perfect architectural feature, give an instant drama and beauty to a house or a temple.

The wood of the Balinese door is chosen with consideration to whether the door will be internal or external. Traditional Balinese doors are made with a lintel that must be stepped over when entering. Some door carvers will eliminate the raised bottom lin- tel if requested. For example “Kori Kuwadi” are traditional Balinese doors that are relics of traditional Balinese architecture. In old days, Kori Kuwadi was owned only by the Royal Family and the Brahmanas -Balinese Hindu priests. Nowadays it is mass produced and you can incorporate them in your own home.

Kori Kuwadi has two doors in one frame, namely at the bottom where lays a wooden cross called dedanga. The ‘Kori’ word comes from ancient Javanese language which means a door, while ‘Kuwadi’ means hemisphere. Doors are made solely from wood. From teak – kayu jati or jack fruit wood – kayu nangka as well as from cotton fruit tree or kayu sentul. Ornaments, according to tra- ditional Balinese architecture, may contain motifs from flora and fauna as well as some Balinese shadow puppet characters.■

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