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Suar wood dining tables for precious memories

For sure you have noticed the beautiful wooden furniture everywhere around Bali. But one thing that stands out is tables. The kitchen table occupies a place of honor as the heart of the home.

The kitchen is often called the heart and soul of the home. It is where meals and memories are made, where families and friends gather, where traditions are born, and where stories are told and retold. So it is important to have a nice, sturdy table where people love to sit around. Small and intimate or large and sprawling? Polished and smooth or scarred and well used? It is really up to you to choose, but one wood draws attention and it is easily found all over Asia and Bali – suar wood. Suar wood tree, also known as albizia saman or monkeypod, is a large tropical rain tree that can grow up to heights of 25m. Characterized by its umbrella canopy, the tree naturally creates an insulated, cool climate underneath its thick, leafy branches. Due to its crisscrossed interlocking grains, suar wood is resistant to cracking from wood movement and is highly sought-after for its robustness. Moderately heavy but extremely strong, suar wood is highly resistant to decay and dry-wood termites. These characteristics make it highly favorable for fine furniture making compared to other woods.

When considering its hardiness and striking wood grains, Suar wood makes a perfectly fitting choice for dining tables. However, it is not limited to colossal table tops as its beautiful wood figure makes it befitting as an exquisite center- piece in any working or living space. The wood does an incredible job of retaining moisture and not drying out, especially when it is properly taken care of. It only requires basic maintenance with water and mild soap to maintain its beauty. Suar wood dining table is a perfect setting for all the family stories, games to play on, around, or underneath it, and to eat all the marvelous food from it.■

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