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Resin & Wood Furniture

Did you ever think that natural wood and synthetic polymers can go together? Well, that is the newest trend in furniture – combining epoxy, polyester or polyurethane resin with wood to make amazing things like tables, lamps, chairs, stools and all sorts of decorative stuff one can imagine. They range from tiny pieces of jewelry to massive objects. One can even make a ship, and giving a bit of ingenuity, that ship could even float.

Making furniture with resin and wood is the actually way of art since every piece is unique and you can play with various colours and shapes. Beautiful thing is that you are saving wood scraps. There is no such thing as waste in nature, as all natural materials eventually become raw materials for another natural process, and that is something that we humans are slowly learning. The concept of “waste” is a matter of perspective. One person’s trash is another person’s raw material, and that is exactly that can be happening with resin and wood love relationship. The amazing part is that you can make beautiful things from scraps of wood, saving the waste and turning it into art and functional objects. One can play with various colours and shapes, use different ratios of resin and catalyst making pieces that last. The fun part is choosing the wood type, resin pigment colour, and the oil or varnish so that the piece will match the inside of your home. It is nearly impossible to make two identical wood-resin pieces.

Everything is open to imagination and everyone can play with it and make it. It is artistry and engineering mixed together in innovative and ingenious ways. It is a magnificent work of decor and art, but it requires a lot of time, effort, attention, and elbow grease to come out beautifully shaped.

Aside from its visually stunning effect, this technique breaths in a new life into a material that would have otherwise been discarded. Not only that, but there is a new thing on the market; glow-in-the-dark resin. And that furniture will truly take your breath away!■

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