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Open living spaces are “must” in Bali style homes

Traditional Bali style open plan home is characterised by large windows and free-flowing open space. Bali villas tend to open to a panorama of rice fields and the evening breeze. The living room is usually in the open, connected to the kitchen, with no walls and just the roof sheltering inhabitants from rain and sun. It is usually connected to the swimming pool and makes a perfect place for the whole family to gather and have quality time together.

If you aim to create a Bali style theme you should also go strictly for organic materials. Depending on the availability of suitable materials, most architects would strive to select substitute material to give an authentic touch of the original Bali style. In an authentic Bali style home, the materials would usually consist of bamboo poles, teak wood, stones, thatch or shingles and coconut wood. It is also important to preserve the wood, since it may crack in dryer climates.

Bali Pocket 015 February_page88_image145The use of wood materials throughout a Bali style homes are meant to blend seamlessly with the well-known Indone- sian manicured gardens and surrounding tropical environments. The colour scheme is usually of natural colours that spread out throughout the entire house. Natural colours and materials and vast open space bring comfort and peace of mind.■

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