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Lio Collection is a family business, founded by  Christos  Vassilios  Liokouras.  Together with his cross-cultural team and over  40  years  of  experience,  Christos  has been  able  to  make  Lio  Collection  a  well- known and respected furniture and interior company.  Today  Lio  Collection  is  bringing soulful  furniture  and  interior  to  customers worldwide,  currently  shipping  more  than 2500 containers a year, and we are still growing. Trust us, we know the world of furniture.

In Lio Collection we specialize in Indonesian furniture and interior. Working closely with more than 100 different and specialized Indonesian suppliers, we ensure a wide range of original and unique Indonesian products with prices and quality hard to match. Simply put: We gather ALL YOU NEED from the inspiring and creative Indonesia!

We  are  your  ONE  STOP  SHOPPING PLACE, and we help you bring soul and authenticity into your home! With our many different stores, located in Bali we are ready to assist you as we, strive towards our life-long philosophy: “Customer Satisfaction is Always Number One!”

We are very much looking forward to welcome you in one of our many Lio Collection stores.

See you soon,
Team Lio Collection■

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