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Landscape as integral part of a living space in tropics

In January edition of Bali Pocket we talked about the profession of an Interior Architect as a ‘personal trainer for space’, but what about Landscape Architect? The choice of an IA working hand-in-hand with a landscape designer is a great way to go, especially in Bali where the architecture often melts into vegetation.

How important actually is landscape design in the tropical area? Here’re some words from world famous landscape designer and writer, Mr. Made Wijaya—a long time Bali resident and a specialist in tropical living.

In Bali, people entertain in the garden a lot, so the landscaper needs to design all-weather entertainment spaces and suitable lighting and furniture, in collaboration with the idea.

Many architects think that they can do the landscape and interior architecture as well, but more often than not, the results are grim. The legendary Geoffrey Bawa of Sri Lanka was one designer who could do it all masterfully.

The clever placement of water bodies helps passive cooling, especially on verandas. The correct placement of trees and shade structures can also help protect from the fierce afternoon sun and the lashing monsoon rains.

In the tropics there is a lot more interconnection between three main design disciplines—Architecture, Interior, and Landscape Design—there are often a lot of indoor-outdoor spaces, like verandas, breezeways, pergolas, pavilions and plenty of situations where views to the garden become the ‘art’ of interior design.

Clever soft scaping (for horticultural elements such as flowers and plants) is also the safety valve for architectural mistakes. Plants can screen off ugly bits, compressors and other utility structures.

A clever landscape design combined with a creative, thorough interior architecture is an exciting way to create beautiful spaces under the warm skies.

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