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Javanese Joglo Houses

Javanese architecture is neatly structured as well as the society and traditional Javanese houses  are  recognized  by  their  roofs.  There are three kinds; kampung, limasan, and joglo. The kampung roof is associated with the house where ordinary people live, and it is very simple. The limasan roof was built on the houses of Javanese families that hold higher status, and it is the most common type.

But joglo roof is the most characteristically Javanese, most complexed and most famous. Joglo roof and joglo house were traditionally reserved for Javanese aristocrats or “ningrat”. This roof rises like a pyramid and because of its beauty, it is always interesting to see. It is made from high-quality wood, so in the past, only wealthy people or nobles could afford to purchase a Joglo house.

Main door or “Gebyok” is luxuriously hand carved,  and  pillars  are  lavishly  ornamented, and by size and shape of the building, you could tell how wealthy was the family that lived in it. ,This one-of-a-kind traditional Javanese houses are usually at least hundred years old and made from durable maintenance-free teak wood, featuring carefully carved details and elevated floors. And they are so beautiful it is easy to fall in love with them. You can also find them in many parts of Bali to buy. You can dismantle them and ship them home! Joglos are made to fit together like giant puzzles; there is not a single nail or screw in the entire building. And wonderful joglo roofs have influenced the development of Dutch colonial architecture in Indonesia. Modern buildings such as airport terminal buildings still use the joglo roof.

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