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Investment and Life in Bali

For the last ten years, the property prices in Bali were increasing. This phenomenon is partly due to speculation. The classic scheme: buying land, building a house, then often resold it with double the price. However, some investments are not attractive enough to convince investors to plunge, that’s why 2015 was the year of the slowdown.

The best way to make a sale and make a good profit on it (about 30% nett) in Bali, undoubtedly is to review the wished capital gain.

In terms of locations, the competition is also rising. The old houses, too standardised become less appealing. On the contrary, the new villas with a coast are intelligently moving forward. You intent to rent or sell your property, so bet on originality, attention to details like the antique furniture, shortly, do not hesitate to create a unique and unusual place (not necessary the most expensive!)

What about the year 2016? For about last six months, we could remark the decline of the national currency, the rupiah. This is good news for those who tend to invest! De facto, the price of the land and houses are also decreasing. In other words, it’s time to trade and invest in Bali.

Areas like Tabanan, Canggu and the Bukit are those that need to be put a bet on! Good prices and their development are just beginning. Besides, a house can bring you an income of minimum 10% R.O. I. nett/ year for monthly or yearly rental.

So if you are thinking to move to Bali, you might be in luck now to find your own house and coin of paradise to call home and a good financial opportunity.

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