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INTERIOR ARCHITECT — The Personal Trainer for Space

One is often confused when looking for a professional consultancy in order to build or renovate, either a home or a commercial venue. Who to choose between an architect, an interior architect (IA), a decorator, or a landscape architect?

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Some architects can take care of the whole: from construction to garden design to interior volumes to bed linen. This is a rare find though.

A decorator is by definition someone who “covers up and adds” and not changing the volumes. Decorators have knowledge of fabrics and materials combined with a sense of harmony in order to create fabulous effects for a place. If you look to refresh your place but are happy with its flow and volumes—then a decorator is your call.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image411An interior architect (IA) is standing in between an architect and a decorator and is often overlooked. I like saying that if a decorator is a make-up artist and a fashion consultant, then an interior architect is a personal trainer! On a fit and healthy body even simple clothes look pretty and not much make up is needed.

In Bali where the architecture often melts into vegetation, where the inside and the outside spaces converge into one another, the choice of an IA working hand in hand with a landscape architect is a great way to go.

The IA has a technical and architectural knowledge along with materials and colors, but an IA starts a project from inside moving towards outside, from the human point of view: where do we look when we sit at a table for dinner, what does the person who sits across us see, or what is behind us… At what height should be a window sill in a bedroom, where we spend most of our time laying down still wishing to have a view… How is the angle of a sun throughout a day in our office… What is the direction of the wind through the house… How slippery become the stone with rain… How do we feel in the space—what are the sounds of the close environment… How does the entrance walkway guide a guest through the garden…

All these aspects and many more are in the mind of an IA, be it a space with or without walls.

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