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Native tribes in Papua Province are the home of Honai. The mountains and valleys there are typically 2500 meters above sea level. Thus Honai homes are designed to be able to muffle the cold or the wind.The House has a rounded roof form cone made of straw or reeds, forms the roof of this serves to protect the entire surface of the wall so as not to exposed to rainwater and could dampen the cold to not enter into the House. The wall is made of wood with one door short without window.

Honai House consists of 2 floors, the first floor as a place to sleep and a second floor for lounging, eating, and other family activities.

The House has a high Honai approximately 2.5 meters. Inside the House the middle right on Honai floors there are excavations and land that serves as a furnace as well as lighting. If they do not use the crib or mattress, they grounded the grass dried brought from gardens or fields.■

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