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Homeware Shopping in Bali is The Best!

If you don’t already know, it is a fact that Bali is paradise for furniture and homeware shoppers.

It would be a sin not to find time to go home- ware shopping in Bali and pick up those Bali-field pieces to remind you of the island’s beautiful, localized-yet-designer style and decor when you go back to the real world. What can you find? Great range of cushions, crocheted blankets and throws, candles, scarves and sarongs, clutches, amazing inspirational books and all sorts of knick-knacks. With shell chandeliers, gorgeous woven home accessories, textiles, cushions and a big range of everything else fabulous to brighten your day, homeware stores in Ubud will tickle your imagination for sure. Whether you are looking for a furniture mecca, design store or showroom – Ubud offers it all! You will find a little bit of every style – bohemian, ethnic, contemporary, vintage… Stores usually source products from across the Indonesian archipelago, manufacture and design their own unique pieces and feature wood, metal, textiles, stone, grasses, and paper to produce a diverse range of interesting and unique products. Cushions, rugs, chopping boards, wall hangings, ceramics, marble kitchen- ware, straw hats, beaded baskets, shell chandeliers – you name it.

There are so many shops offering divine collections of handmade, artisanal homeware collections it is hard to name just a few. Stroll the streets of Ubud, look around for the gorgeous bowls, plates, jugs and kettles, stunning lamps and wall fixtures and bring something fabulous home with you. You will be sure to find the perfect addition to your home or the perfect gift for someone special. Ubudians pride themselves in all things artistic and homeware is not far from art here.

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