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Fantastic trends FOR YOUR HOME IN 2018

We are starting a New Year with many new decisions trying to be better to people we love and to ourselves. So while we want to have an inner makeover, why not also give one to our house?There are plenty of fresh, amazing trends in home decorating for 2018., and here are some of the best ideas that you can implement at your place in this wonderful paradise called Bali. The good thing is you don’t have to re- decorate the whole house – just a few nicely picked out details are enough for your home to have a new glow. We give you 5 ideas for a fantastic home makeover this year:

Batik floral patterns
Traditional floral patterns are making a comeback in a big way, and with their comfortable familiarity, eye-catching detail, and vintage vibes they will fit right in with 2018’s nod to nostalgia. Keep an eye for prints with funky colors and exaggerated proportions. Pillows are best to start with for an easy layer of visual interest.

Wood treatments
The presence of technology will have us craving natural elements like wood more than ever. Expect to see wood in unexpected places like ceilings and as accent walls. Pieces such as lamps and pots for plants are great places for natural wood. Hand- carved wood bowls offer a natural, simple yet powerful element as well.

Ruby red
This color was all over the runways in 2017, and now it is working its way into our home décor in 2018. The rich, vibrant red projects confidence and will stay with us beyond the holiday season. If you are hesitant about committing to such a bold hue, experiment with versatile accent pieces that can easily be switched out like clocks or bed linen.

Copper details
Move over, rose gold! Copper’s earthier hue is here to stay for 2018. With its more red and orange tones, this classy finish can easily be found in desk lamps or side tables for your home to shine like a star.

Natural materials
Fresh, natural materials are an aesthetic that perfectly complements 2018’s obsession with organic home integration. Materials such as bone have been steadily gaining popularity, as well as shells and lava rock. Plenty to find here in Bali. An easy way to show this trend off is through a set of coasters or plates you can serve food in.■

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