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Expat Profile — Diego Klat

Diego Klat, father of three kids, is a 44 years old Lebanese Architect born in Beirut. His name is generally associated
with the Koplan Consulting company, known to lead residential projects like villas, but also design offices, factory, shop and restaurant.

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Could you tell us something about yourself?

I grew up, studied, worked and got married in France so if I can define myself I am culturally French, and emotionally Lebanese, adopted by Bali since seven years.

What path has led you to live in Bali?

When I came the first time in holiday with our one year old first born, we had great quality time in a fantastic environment thanks to the Bali and the Balinese, on the way back to the airport I asked to myself towards what I was getting back? Home? Paris? Work? All this Western life?.

Two years later with our Second Child, business opportunity shows up during our second holidays in Bali and we studied our options, and decided to organize our installation in Bali, we figured to give us “a two years try”, that was in 2009. We are happily living here since then …
The great thing about Bali Expat Community, is that the majority has decided to live here that’s make a big difference.
I will never leave Bali thinking you won’t like to come again.

Bali Pocket 003 - February 2016_page39_image114What accomplishments have you achieved in Bali that have fulfilled you?

We had a third kid born in Bali, and I did build a modern house, sustainable, practical, enclosable, and insulated but more than that we build a home and a life filled great friends coming from everywhere and committed to this Balinese life…

If you had 24h to spend in Bali that you will remember forever, what would you do?

I would like to start the day with a beach walk on Oberoi beach towards Brawa with a bath in the big waves, then I would ride up to the Bird Park enjoy the tropical wonders as much as the journey, I will have lunch In the rice field in Ubud, then will get back to my place enjoy the sun and the pool, I would ask for a massage, will get dressed to catch the sunset at Kudeta followed by a dinner at Kilo.

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