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Do you want to get that Boho Bali looks for your house and make your own space beautifully bohemian on a budget? It is all about coziness and easy vibe in a “Bali getaway” look so this allows a lot of freedom in terms of decor choices, fabrics, and layers. But how to get it without spending a fortune? We give you 5 tips below:

CREATIVE FURNITURE Anything that looks or is handmade can add to the “Boho Bali” vibe. Find worn or vintage pieces and distress them even further for a more authentic look. Use stencils to create interesting pat- terns or paint a bold col- or to create a focal point. Rustic console or chair can be enough to add the Bali touch.

Pillows are an inexpensive and easy way to change the look of a room. To create that Boho Bali look
don’t shy away from mixing patterns or selecting a variety of pillows in ethnic prints. And the more – the better.

Layering is the easiest way to get that laid- back look that we all love. Be sure to adorn sofas and chairs with fabrics and throws. In- expensive sarongs can serve as table clothes, sofa blankets. You can put unfinished fabrics over chairs for a dash of color and pattern. Layer a pillow to get a rich texture that will carry the style through space.

Make sure you consider your walls for your Boho/ Bali look. Go for an oversized tropical print, if you want to have a beach vibe in your house. You can do this on a budget by printing your own favorite beach or surf pictures. Another way to address the walls is to use woven wall hangings. Tapestries, gallery walls or a collection of natural rattan mirrors are all inexpensive way to get that easy bohemian look.

Plants are another easy and inexpensive way to create that Boho vibe. Select tropical plants with big statement-making leaves and put them in woven baskets of different shapes and sizes. This creates an air of bringing the outdoor in, which is paramount to the feel of the Boho Bali style.■

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