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Come Out of The Shell

To emulate an oceanic vibe reminiscent of that memorable holiday on the is- land, the seashell curtain is one of the popular tropical takeaways to install in the bathroom. It’s beautiful and exotic, plus it makes that ethereal and tingling sound as you walk pass it.

Seashell craft is a ready-made memento that can be found almost everywhere, with products ranging from jewelry, lamp covering, keychain, ashtrays, clock to larger size furniture. One area where the people excels in transforming the seashells into a gorgeous everyday object is the Island of Serangan in Sanur, the biggest producer of seashells in Bali, both for food and handicraft.

What’s even better the scene is the symbiotic relationship between the farmers, craftsman, and—surprise—nature: as the farmer takes out the meat for consumption (and, naturally, to distribute to seafood restaurants), the leftover shells are utilized by the craftsman thus preventing them from going to waste and litter the beach.

Prior to the Bali bombing, one of the most popular labels, Ayu & Bagus Collection, used to reign supreme in terms of profit: turning in a whopping IDR15million revenue in a month. But with Bali being recently crowned yet again as the number one holiday destina- tion, that tinkling sound will be accompanied by a lot more kaching!

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