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How to use them for maximal comfort? They are the ultimate charm of Bali – bean bags. You can find them everywhere, from beaches to cafes, but they are equally fun to have at home.

They may be items of simple design, but are extremely versatile and have many popular uses. The most important factor when considering any piece of furniture is how comfortable it is. If it is comfortable, then there is no reason to not find ways to use it. Which is why bean bag is simply perfect! Here is how you can use it:

◉ Depending on the size of the bean bag and the size of the person, a spherical bag could be used as a chair, love-seat or lounge. These pieces of furniture are extremely beneficial because the bag will shape itself to each person’s body to provide maximum support while remaining amazingly comfortable.

◉ The bean bags can be stacked in the cor- ner of a room, spread out on the floor, or even crammed under a bed, making them far more versatile than other types of bedroom or living room furniture.

◉ The bean bag can be used either relax in the sun or to enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the shade. There are many people here in Bali who like to bring their tablet or laptop outdoors and read email or catch up with friends, while others may prefer the company of a good book or music in their bean bag.

◉ Those who have a pool in their yard may prefer soft lounge style chairs that let them stay near the water without having to worry about rusty metal lawn chairs that break and bend.

◉ Some of the bean bag options also float, making them a great choice for those who want to spend more time in the pool but who would prefer to float rather than swim around.

◉ Plush and soft kids bean bag chair can be used as a pretend boat, car, plane, or even as an imaginary steed when playing make-be- lieve. When looking at bean bag chairs for children, there are many fun options. There are sturdy seats that are like miniature reclin- ers, teardrop-shaped styles, and traditional round bags.

It is up to you to use your imagination for using bean bags. Just be careful of one thing! They are so cozy that you may never wish to get up again :-).

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