After you visited this beautiful Islands of Gods, you will for sure want to make your home more Bali style. Why? Bali look is a mixture of rich textures from nature: mahogany, teak, leather, cane, bamboo, and grasses – those are fundamentals of its decorating style. The decor is calming and in the synchrony with nature and even with some small changes in your home you can make it more Bali like.

In Bali, dining room furniture and patio furniture are synonymous. Bring the outdoors in with a teak or mahogany table and chair set. Accent with bamboo place mats and a centrepiece of fresh tropical flowers. The use of flowers like orchids or bird-of-paradise, which are indigenous to Indonesia, provides that island vacation feels all year round. If you can’t afford mahogany or teak, just refreshen your kitchen or dining room with some wooden sculptures, wood carving or batik cloth for the table.

In Bali, you will probably sleep under the net that descends from the ceiling. It is there to keep the insects away if you leave the windows open to let the Balinese breeze soothe you to sleep. Although the net serves a purpose in Bali, at home it can be decor and add a touch of romance to your bedroom. But make sure to tie the netting back at each corner not to trip over it in the dark.

In your bathroom, you can also recreate Bali feeling. Add a teak stool to your shower or a teak bath mat to step on when you exit your tub. You can also fill the tub halfway with water and toss in a handful of flower petals. Add a few orchids and you will have that amazing Balinese look in your home!

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