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Bali homes are unique for their decorations. A mixture of textures from nature makes them super comfortable to stay in—mahogany, leather, cane, bamboo and teak— materials that will make you feel grounded and peaceful. Most of the houses have large decorative wooden panels with oriental designs, and in every garden on Bali you will find palms swaying softly in the wind. If you want to have the touch of that exotic home decor at your home, maybe the best place to look for inspiration is Ubud.

Tegallalang Handicraft centre is famous for arts and crafts, located in the district of the same name just several kilometers north of the main Ubud hub. It is a feast for the eyes since you can find beautiful handcrafted and colorful items, paintings, carvings, animal sculptures, bowls, souvenirs. Although some shops have fixed prices, bear in mind that bargaining is a must!

It is also useful to know that since bargaining is part of the Balinese culture, you can buy some stuff for the house pretty cheap too. Because when the rainy season in December you may want to have some bamboo roll up blinds for the rain not to get into your terrace or open kitchen. So bare in mind that you can put the price down, but make it fair for both sides.

And since it is raining and pouring, also make sure to insure your house for any damage:

• Check the roof for any cracks and apply a coating of waterproofing compound over the roof.

• Clean and clear all the rainwater pipes and gutters for ensuring smooth flow of rain water from the roof.

• Keep Camphor or Neem leaves in the cupboards to protect clothes.

• Keep all the indoor plants outside the home as they increase dampness inside the home during the rainy season.

Then you can fully relax and enjoy even those big rain drops.

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