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How to create perfect Bali bedroom

You can create a Bali sanctuary at home to remind you of this beautiful island, and to get away from the stress of everyday life by creating a tropical retreat bedroom. There are simple ways to make you wake up at your favourite beach destination every morning. Here is where to start:

Frame a piece of Batik fabric you brought back with you. Put it against the wall on the floor or hang it on the wall to infuse your bedroom with Indonesian heritage. Batik garments play an essential role in Bali and Indonesia. In October 2009, UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Batik is one of the significant elements to embrace Balinese culture.

The canopy bed is a fantastic item for a Balinese-inspired bedroom. The perfect combination of the four sleek posts and the fabric panels create a tropical feel in the bedroom.

Add traditional hand-carved wood decors to infuse the bedroom with Balinese culture. It can be a detail like a lamp or a clock, picture frame or some beautiful cushions with Batik motif.

It is utterly timeless and makes the bedroom look sophisticated and chic. The antique look of the wood definitely brings Balinese charm to the bedroom. Pair it with the canopy bed, and you will get a breezy and romantic feel.

The ceiling fans exude a tropical and exotic feel while dark paneling adds warmth. It is a perfect contrast to white bed linen, curtains and blankets to make the room feel breezy and inviting.

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