When in Ubud, eat healthy and clean!

Welcome to Ubud – a paradise for all vegetarian, vegan, raw food and clean food lovers! Here you will find so many choices that are not only healthy but amazingly tasty – that you will want to stay forever! Vegetarian and veg- an eating is so easy and approachable, and most importantly, so damn delicious. If you are looking for healthy meals and inspiration for delicious new recipes – Ubud is a delightful place to stay and the only danger is that you will want to order everything from the menu! The influence of the yoga scene means green juices, superfood salads, macrobiotic meals, and gluten-free options abound. Where to start? Let’s give you some intro to vegetarian Indonesian Dishes to try:

Nasi Campur – a staple of the diet in Indonesia, this is the Balinese “pad thai”, a plate of rice, and various small vegetable, tempeh, and tofu dishes, and a dollop of spicy sambal.

Gado Gado – cold vegetables with peanut sauce. Jukut Arab – a Balinese salad of lightly blanched vegetables, typically bean sprouts and green beans and grated coconut. Tempeh Satay – tempeh skewers with peanut sauce. Nasi Goreng – fried rice that can be made with just vegeta- bles. Mie Goreng – fried noodles that can be made with just vegetables. But you will be also spoiled by other choices and plen- ty of restaurants that offer:

Raw food
Uncooked, unprocessed foods. A raw food diet does not contain homogenized, pasteur- ized or produced products with the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical food addi- tives. In other words – it must be organic, raw and free of chemicals. How about some Raw Chocolate Spirulina Mint Slice?

Vegetarian food
Does not include meat or animal tissue prod- ucts. To get the protein needed, vegetarian meals often include beans, tofu, tempeh, and chickpeas. Don’t miss tempeh coconut curry with rice noodles, packed with vegetables, crispy tempeh and fresh herbs, and served with a delicious spicy pickled salad!

Vegan food
The same as vegetarian food only it contains no animal-derived foods or products. This means no dairy and eggs. Anything eatable that derives from an animal is a no-no.In Ubud, almost every restaurant focuses on sustainable, fresh, flavorful food, and sourc- es ingredients locally, often, from their own garden. Whether you order some jackfruit tacos or a plate of lasagna, you can be sure to have a fantastic, filling vegan meal.

Macrobiotic food
consists of grains and vegetables, avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods. The main idea is that this diet affects health, well-being, and happiness. A macrobiotic diet has often been suggested to help cancer patients although there is no scientific evidence to support such recommendations. Go for macrobiotic bowls – In one vessel, you get a balanced mix of whole grains, vegetables, beans, greens and seaweed, all designed with optimal nutrition in mind.

Healthy drinks
Easily available in the form of organic vegetable & fruit shakes and a wide selection of homegrown Balinese coffee. In the nearby villages, you’ll find the well-known Java coffee and highly expensive Luwak coffee also referred to as Civet Coffee, which is coffee beans digested by the Luwak animal.
In Ubud, you can find a vegetable or fruit drink for almost every desire – they have drinks for abdominal pain, cough, young skin, anxious ease, party detox, and the list just keeps going…

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