The Butchers Club Steakhouse

Search no more – THE burger is here

You know that craving feeling when you want to eat a really great burger? With succulent juices, cheese that melts and buns that are crispy. The one that reminds you of home and is so comforting that you want to eat more and more. Well, THE burger actually exists in Bali and it is so good it won’t water only your mouth but your eyes as well – you will cry of joy a little.

The Butchers Club Steakhouse opened three years ago in Seminyak and offers only best quality dry-aged beef, maple-glazed bacon and cheddar cheese in their burgers. They are also proud of their 35-day dry aged ribchop. You can order it in a meal for two people that actually weighs one kilo! All dry aged beef is 200-day grain fed stockyard gold An- gus – you know that crust that forms on the outer surface of the beef? It maybe doesn’t look nice, but it protects the meat and de- velops the flavor making the beef juicy and it can be found in only the best restaurants.

The Butchers started their story in Hong Kong where they created their Micheline star burgers and founded a chain of 5 restaurants. Bali seemed like the best tourist destination to go next, and an opening of the restaurant and steak shop is planned in Jakarta. But they don’t just offer meat rhapsodies, you can also find fish and chicken in the menu. Fish is fresh from their farm in the north of Bali and all the veggies are local and organic. They mix all the sauces including mayo and barbecue sauce that goes soooo well with their dishes.

The new menu is coming the beginning of June with a few surprises and we are also planning acoustic nights on Sundays for chilling and relaxing. Bands will be playing from 5 till 8 pm. We also have Happy Hour that actually lasts for 2 hours every day from 5 till 7 and offers 50 percent off on all of our cocktails – said Gareth Moore, director of market- ing and projects. He also revealed a secret to a great tasting burger: just freshly ground meat with salt and pepper – no bread crumbs, flour or onions. It works! Yummy!■

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