Taste of Indonesia – beauty of sambals Part 2

Are you a foodie? Or just can’t stop thinking about wonderful sambals since you first tasted them? In our second part article, we give you 6 more wonderful versions of the most popular sauce in Indonesia. These are just the most popular ones, since there are more than 300 varieties of sambal, and almost every village has its own special recipe. Whether you want to stick to Balinese sambal matah or be adventurous and try many other kinds one thing is for sure – it will be spicy and delicious!

Sambal Lado
It originates from Padang in West Sumatra. It is extra hot, and the flaming red color is just so appe- tizing! Sambal Lado is made from crushed chilies, garlic, shallots, onion, tomato, salt, and lime juice
– all sautéed in hot cooking oil.

Sambal Bajak
If you don’t really like spicy food but still want to try sambal, you can choose bajak as a starter. It tastes sweet and not too spicy de- spite its dark red color. It is perfect as a dipping sauce for french fries or fried chicken.

Sambal Rica
It is a signature sambal from Manado in North Sulawesi. The lemongrass used in this sambal makes it different from other sambals in Indonesia. It is made from ground chilies, shallots, ginger, and sugar that are sautéed in vegetable oil. Chopped lemongrass and lime juice are added to enhance the aroma.

Sambal Dabu-dabu
Manado is famous for its spicy cuisine and dabu-dabu is raw sambal. It is made from chopped fresh chilies, tomatoes, shallots, and lime juice. Ingredients are mixed in a bowl, sugar, and salt are added and before serving, hot vegetable oil id poured over it.

Sambal Pecel
This sambal is made from garlic, shrimp paste, peanuts, chilies, ginger, tamarind ex- tract and palm sugar that are crushed with the stone mortar. Before serving, lukewarm water needs to be added to the sambal. It is not too spicy and has distinctive sweet and savory flavor, thanks to peanut and ginger. It is usually consumed with boiled vegetables such as bean sprouts, spinach, and cabbage.

Sambal Pencit or Sambal Mangga
For some extra exotic taste, this sambal is mixed with shredded raw mangoes. It is best when eaten with seafood – and grilled seafood the best partner for this sambal. Truly delicious!■

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