Having a sweet tooth? Welcome to Bali

Indonesia loves desserts! With the tropical abundance of coconuts, pineapples, jackfruits and many more tasty beauties, it is easy to fall in love with sweet dishes on the island. So if you have a sweet tooth and want to “spice up” your life after lunch or dinner, we give you 7 yummy Balinese desserts that are “must try”. Relax and enjoy!

Jajan Bantal
Jajan bantal could be prepared as a dish or just put for offerings in ceremonies. Main ingredients are white sticky rice mixed with grated coconut and sugar, wrapped in a coconut leaf tied with rope and steamed.
Bubuh Injin
It is a very simple dish, made from black rice, coconut milk, mixed with brown sugar. Sometimes you can put also small pieces of jackfruit. It is served hot or cold with lots of ice.

Batun Bedil
It is not popular just in Bali but in Java as well. It is made from rice flour mixed with coconut milk, shaped like a small bullet, called bedil, and the put to boil. You can serve it with melting brown sugar for a super sweet taste. It can be found in traditional market or supermarket and it is usually wrapped in banana leaf.

This traditional cake is very famous and you can find it all over Bali. It is made out of rice flour and it comes in two colours, white and light green. To make the Laklak light green, pandan leaves are added to the dough. It is served with grated coconut and brown sugar.

It is a boiled rice cake, stuffed with liquid palm sugar, and rolled into a grated coconut. Klepon is green because it is flavoured with a paste made from the pandan or dracaena plant whose leaves are used widely in South East Asian cooking. In other parts of Indonesia, such as in Sulawesi, Sumatra and in neighbouring Malaysia, klepon is known as onde-onde.

Jaja Uli
This is an absolute “must have” cake during Balinese ceremonies. Offerings simply wouldn’t be complete without Jaja Uli. It is made from white sticky rice, grated coconut and white sugar just to be steamed into a shape of triangle, square or circle.

Bubuh Sumsum
Dessert made from rice flour and spiced with liquid from palm leaf called pandan to give it a light green colour. Liquid brown sugar is added for extra sweetness.■


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