Superfood powders of Indonesia–Part 3

In our third part of a guide through superfood powders of Indonesia, we give you three more plant powders that can help in your everyday diet. They fight bad digestion, cancer cells and boost the immune system.

Check them out for all the health benefits:

Daun Sirsak or soursop leaf

This is an evergreen broad-leaved tree whose every part is useful and has medicinal properties. This fruit is extremely delicious with a sharp aroma and a sweet-sour taste which is basically a combination of the taste of pine- apple and strawberry. Recently, it has gained attention and popularity due to its natural cancer cell killing properties. Soursop leaves can inhibit cancer cells and cure cancer more quickly and effectively than chemotherapy which results in several side effects besides being expensive. In fact, research has proved that soursop has an active ingredient that is 10000 times stronger than chemotherapy in fighting cancer cells. Thus, soursop leaves can treat different types of cancers including prostate, lung and breast cancers. Also, the nutrients in soursop leaves are believed to stabilize blood sugar levels in the normal range. Besides, the extracts of soursop leaves can be used as one of the natural diabetes remedies. The nutrient content of soursop leaves is believed to boost the immune system and avoid infections in the body. In addition to all of these benefits, soursop leaves are extremely effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, virus, parasites and tumor development. They are also capable of reducing fever and lowering high blood pressure. Soursop leaf consumption on a regular basis helps in improving stamina and facilitating quick recovery from diseases.
102Kulit Buah Manggis or skin of mangosteen Mangosteen

powder is made, not from the mangosteen’s white flesh, but from its pur- ple rind which contains most of the mangosteen’s nutrients. The rind of this fruit comprises of a unique array of vitamins polyphenols, like tannin and xanthones that protect the tree against insect, plant viruses and fungi infestation. Xanthones are thought to support many of the vital functions of the body, including immune health. The dried rind is used to prepare a unique tea that can cure different conditions like gonorrhea, diarrhea and bladder infections.There are over 200 known xanthones in nature. Amazingly 20 of them are found in mangosteen, concentrated mainly in the rind. These compounds help in reducing radicals and giving a boost to the body’s immune system.

101Temulawak or Javanese Ginger

Curcuma xanthorrhoea, known as Temulawak, Java ginger or Javanese ginger, is a plant species, belonging to the ginger family. It is known in Javanese as temulawak, in Sundanese as koneng gede and in Madurese as temu labak. Javanese ginger is used for indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), feelings of fullness or bloating after meals, intestinal gas, stomach disorders, and liver and gallbladder complaints. It is also used for improving appetite and digestion.■

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